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Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L. ) approx.250-280g/1000 seeds

Other names: Asparagus pea, Goa bean, Four-angled bean, Manila bean, Princess bean, dragon bean.

Winged Bean is rich in protein, vitamins and mineral elements. It is helpful for heart and blood diseases. Both young pods and young shoots are used as vegetable and tasty when cooked. Seeds have hard coat skin and hard to get good germination. Therefore the seeds need to be soaked in water one day (change water 2-3 times) and then kept at 25for germination. The seeds not swollen when soaked can be scratched or cracked carefully, then to be soaked again.

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Four Angled: 85 days. The pods size is about 2.5cmx15cm, 10g. Delicious and crispy. Recommended planting density30-40cm x 80cm, 3 seeds per hills.

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Hunan: a day-neutral variety, early maturity. Flat four-ridged pods, 10~15 cm long, fleshy and delicious, light green in color. Vigorous and productive.  Recommended planting density30-40cm x 80cm, 2-3 seeds per hills.

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