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Hyacinth Bean (Dolichos lablab L.)  260-300g/1000 seeds

Other names: Dolichos bean, seim bean, lablab bean, Bonavist, Chicaros, Chink, Egyptian bean, Pharao, Seem, Val, Bian Dou.

Hyacinth bean is a Short-Day annual vine plant. It needs a trellis or fence for support. It grows vigorously. The pods are semi-Moon shaped, most are green color and some are red or purple color.

The immature pods are harvested for vegetable, but must be cooked (boiled, stir fry, etc). They tasted a little bitter but delicious. The pods can not be eaten raw due to the presence of toxic cyanogenic glycosides.

Hyacinth bean can also be planted for ornamental purpose.


Purple Moon Hyacinth Bean


Purple Moon: Vine annual, early maturity. Light purple flower, shiny purple pods and purple vines. Pod size: 8cm x 3cm. Immature pods are eatable after cooked. Can be planted for ornamental plants.

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Red Flower: Vine annual, early maturity. Red purple flowers. Green pods, average 9cm x 3cm.

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